Beaded Dress & Cocktail Rings

by Sarah Paris
by Sarah Paris
by Sarah Paris
by Sarah Paris

Until I first began beadweaving, I never thought a few seed beads could make such a stylish ring as the one above. I had only ever thought of them in the context of small, loom-woven bracelets, and, having briefly experimented with beadweaving on a loom, I gave up fairly rapidly due to the huge amount of thread ends it created that all required finishing! it definitely wasn’t for me!

A few years later, one of the few creative courses at our local University was beadweaving, and having always had an interest in creating bead jewellery, and desperate for any creative course to stretch my imagination, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised that it offered such scope and variety with an abundance of off-loom techniques and stitches worked with a needle. There were still ends to finish off, but nowhere near as many! I was even more amazed at the huge variety of colours and finishes of exquisite Japanese seed beads available to work with.

This small ring was borne out of  a lengthy period of experimentation with different types of ring to try and make one with a raised, crown-like head, similar to a traditional claw setting of a stone-set ring.

The talents of the numerous beadweaving artists of The Beadworkers Guild are incredible. So I was honoured that they judged this worthy of second prize in their 2008 ring competition.

Since then I’ve embarked on a love affair with the beaded ring. I’ve now produced a variety in different colour combinations and styles and am hoping to have some for sale online soon.


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