Falling in Love with Nelly.

I’ve always been a self-confessed type lover, and still harbour the secret desire to create some fonts of my own one day, with the right collaborator. In keeping with my style they would undoubtedly be swirly, curly and girly fonts, more than likely with a hand drawn feel.

This is probably the reason that I’m particularly enamoured of some of the newest creation from Tart Workshop. Tart Workshop is an art & lettering studio which creates digital typefaces, focusing on handlettered styles.  It is a collaboration of lettering artist/illustrator Crystal Kluge & typographer Stuart Sandler of Font Diner. I think it’s destined to be a winning team.

I made extensive use of the beautiful and quirky Henparty in a series of scrapbooks earlier this year, and now a new arrival on the scene has captured my attention. Nelly is a beautiful script with an authentic hand drawn feel and she’s itching to be used extensively on invitations, romantic themes, and, I suspect, some of my up-coming Christmas designs too. I think she is going to remain a firm favourite for years to come.


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