The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.

After a rough few weeks resting and recuperating from a really nasty virus, and before that, a lot of time VERY busy with my day job, I’m finally back to my blog and have a huge amount of catching up to do. I can’t believe I missed almost the whole of April ill in bed! I’m full of ideas at the moment, so I really hope I’m going to find the time to share some of them with you. I’m still feeling pretty washed out from the virus, and at any moment work could start to snowball again, but I’ve also got lots of ideas for new products for the online store and for new surface pattern designs that I’m hoping to be able to license for various products, including stationery, giftware, homewares and  textiles.

I’ve just started the first module of 3 in The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design featuring the incredibly popular and talented designer Rachael Taylor. I’m reallyexcited about diving right in and re-discovering my creativity and designing my way. So far I’ve been inspired to fill loads of pages in my sketchbook with new ideas and doodles and I’m looking forward to converting these into finished designs.

First things first, I tidied up the small corner of my room that is my workspace, and here it is:


I was a bit reluctant to share pictures of my workspace at first – a very cramped little corner in my bedroom, but I feel so positive about this course that I figured I should share everything – and it isn’t so bad once it’s tidied a bit. I’m also very lucky to have the space to work – although I’m often joined by Hettie, my darling moggie and number one fan, who doesn’t like it when the computer gets all of my attention. I don’t have a separate desk for crafting, but the pull-out keyboard shelf is really helpful, and quite big so I generally use that. I connect my Macbook up to a larger screen and wireless keyboard, so I only need 1 computer which I can take everywhere. Also a diecuttting machine on there which I use for craft projects.

I have loads of inspiration images- mainly from greetings cards, stationery and photos I take when I’m out and about, so I’m going to get some of those up on the wall. Right now my pinboard is full of old comedy fliers and gig tickets so I don’t lose them!

It’s generally time for a tea break when my number one fan loves to join me and sits right on my Wacom, or in front of the screen instead of on the left hand side where I usually try and leave a space for her!

I’ll be updating my blog with more details on the course as it progresses. It runs though April/May, June and September, so there will be lots to do and look forward to.


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