Designing Women; Post-War British Textiles

Yesterday, I was meeting some lovely friends for lunch in Covent Garden, so I made an early start to vist the Fashion and Textile Museum first, after hearing about the “Designing Women” exhibition, showcasing the work of three prominent post-war designers; Lucienne Day, Jacqueline Groag & Marian Mahler. I heard about the exhibition from Rachael Taylor’s blog, and since I’m currently working on the first module of her “Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design” e-course, it was just the thing for me to get some background on these ground-breaking women, and also to be excited and inspired by their amazing body of work.

What’s interesting looking at this exhibition is how much we have recently re-embraced the retro look pioneered by these women. After the years of austerity during the second world war, these designs caused a stir of excitement at the time, and quite rightly so. These same abstract styles and retro colour palettes have experienced a major revival recently, and are just as eye-catching today as they were in the post-war years.

There are also two complimentary exhibitions “Creating a Printed Textile with Sanderson” which showcases the company’s fifties-inspired collection and follows their production processes from concept to manufacture and “The Printed Square – Vintage Handkerchiefs.”  All run until 16th June 2012.

From 6 July – 27 October 2012 you can visit “Design, Culture & Fashion from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Punk” exploring the impact of music, art and personality on the development of the fashion of the times from 1955 to 1976. This sounds like another must visit date for my diary!



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