More Surface Pattern Design

I’m falling behind a little with my ‘Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design’ e-course at the moment, but I’m determined to catch up this weekend. It’s really got me buzzing with new ideas and I’ve been busy sketching and doodling in my lunch break, on the train and even chilling out on the Embankment by the Thames between a visit to the Fashion & Textile Museum and a wonderful lunch with friends in Covent Garden. I’m not only full of new ideas, but new directions, colour palettes and variations on existing designs. Alongside this, I’ve been preparing a whole lot of new and updated designs for several upcoming craft magazine collaborations and for sale on my website – and I confess, I’m running a little behind with them too. But more about those later. When they’re ready I’ll be sure to let you know. Today it’s all about surface pattern.

I’ve learnt so much in this first module, there’s always something new to learn, and the surface pattern design world is full of new and exciting things. The course is beautifully well presented, both visually and in terms of stimulating content. Rachael’s enthusiasm for her craft is incredibly contagious, you can’t help but be inspired by her. She encourages you, whatever your strengths and weaknesses, to find your own creative style and to develop this with creative exercises, extra technical workshops and live briefs. In addition to this, the group interaction offers everyone involved the ability to be able to share their journey with so many other enthusiastic creative people from around the world. They are all so supportive. None of this would be possible without the internet. It’s such a wonderful, empowering medium to get your work out to the world. Although it can be extremely daunting to see the huge amount of design talent out there, this course also helps encourage you to find your own niche in it, where you feel like you finally belong.

Inspired by the wealth of opportunity out there, I’ve made a fairly life-changing decision that from now on I’m going to pursue those things that inspire me most, and from 8th June I’ll be my own boss again, living the freelance life, wherever it may take me.

You’ll find full details on the course on the Do What You Love Blog. It will be running again from August 27th and if you’re interested in pursuing a course as a surface pattern designer I’d highly recommend it.


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