Inspirational Gardens; RHS Rosemoor

Between the days of torrential rain we’ve been having in the UK this summer, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the beautiful gardens at RHS Rosemoor a couple of weeks ago, on a relatively rain-free day. With an early 6am start, I joined a trip organised by Chippenham Garden & Allotment Society. Despite constant rain on the journey, we were all relieved to see it clear up by 11am allowing us to enjoy the rest of the day once we arrived.

The gardens were donated to the Royal Horticultural Society in 1988 by Lady Anne Berry and now boast an impressive 65 acres of beautiful woodland, a lake, and a multitude of inspirational formal and informal gardens to explore.With so many differently themed gardens, there’s sure  to be something to please everyone.

I was awed by some of the most amazing and beautiful specimens of tree bark I’ve ever seen; There were so many stunning and glorious textures, and the sheer amount of moss and lichen growth in the most beautiful patterns on some of the silver birches was amazing. The old original benches covered in moss growth were also quite beautifully textured. So I snapped quite a lot of textural, close up images. Even in gardens I see surface pattern everywhere.

One of the main garden highlights for me was the potager garden – I love traditional country cottage  gardens inter-planted with herbs and vegetables, with wigwams of rambling sweet peas growing happily alongside swathes of fluffy fennel, angelica gigans and runner beans, with poppies randomly popping up in between. It’s how I try and arrange my own garden, to best utilise the small space I have.T

The most wonderful thing I discovered, gracing the back of a border in a corner of the spiral garden was a spectacular variety of Thalictrum (common name meadow rue, though not actually related to true rue, but part of the buttercup family) I aways have a little “wish list” of plants that I’m searching for whenever I visit a garden – I haven’t really got room to cram in any more plants, but my list generally consists of one or two new and quite special varieties I’d really like to have. This specimen, a stunning variety;  Thalictrum Elin, was one I’d never seen before – with gorgeous purple stems that  produce an abundance of tiny, fluffy lilac and cream flowers. It was so far back I had to use my camera zoom lens to see it closely enough to identify it. I already have four other varieties of this gorgeous plant and it’s one of my all time favourites, so once I saw it up close I recognised it immediately as one I had to own. I managed to find one of the last few plants in the RHS Rosemoor shop, making it a very successful day all round.

It’s now happily settled in a corner of my tiny garden, but I hear it can grow up to 4m tall!


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