Ohh Deer Pillow Fight Competition

There’s a quirky, fun “Pillow Fight” competition on at the moment from the folks at Ohh Deer. The details on how to enter, download the template and  upload your design are also shown below. There’s still plenty of time to enter as the competition closes at the beginning of September.

I’ve entered 2 of my designs: “Whirlygig” and “Auricula Garden”. They are both live on the Oh Deer site now and I’d love any support, so if you like them, and would like to be able to buy them, please tweet about them via the link on the Ohh Deer site! Also check out the entries from my fellow ABSPD students whilst your over there – they are a talented bunch and have all entered some gorgeous designs!


3 thoughts on “Ohh Deer Pillow Fight Competition

  1. Hello Sarah I really like your designs. I am trying to enter the competition but I do not understand how to use the templates do you know of any simple instructions anywhere on how to use templates.
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Caroline – thanks for stopping by! I just typed in a whole reply attempting to explain how to use the Ohh Deer mock-up template and then got logged out and lost it!

      I’m going to try again so please bear with me…

    2. Firstly, take a look at this YouTube tutorial explaining the basics of using the transform and masking options in Photoshop to make a 3D mock-up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BGgfj3ZbNo

      Although it’s not all relevant to the Ohh Deer template, it does help explain the basics you’ll need to master in order to create any type of 3D mock-up, either from scratch, or on a supplied blank template. I use these methods all the time.

      There are so many different templates, no two are going to be the same, but, essentially, on the Ohh Deer template, you will still need to paste in your flat design on a new layer, transform it to fit the shaped pillow blank and create and apply a mask to mask off the areas outside the edges of the pillow.

      I re-sized my deign to fit the dimensions of the Ohh Deer template (550 x 550 pixels at 72dpi), copied and pasted in onto a new layer and used the edit — transform — warp command to transform my pillow design to fit the pillow-shape of the template. I then created a mask of the pillow shape and applied it to the flat art, masking off the areas beyond the pillow edges. Finally I changed the layer settings to linear burn, allowing the shadows and highlights of the pillow blank underneath to show through my flat art layer.

      The only difficulty with this Ohh Deer template is that they haven’t actually supplied it with a mask already and it’s flattened onto the white background, so you will have to manually create a mask. Most templates will, hopefully already have a mask or selection for you to use. This one just takes a little more time.

      I hope this helps.

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