Blue Sonata

I’ve just had a few test notebooks printed in my “Blue Sonata” design and I’m really please with how they’ve turned out. This is a further development on the range shown in the previous post “Searching for my Own Style”.  I’ve also submitted it for possible inclusion in a future issue of a new online magazine (more exciting details on that project coming soon).

This design works really well on stationery and I can imagine it working equally well on a whole array of other products including bags, accessories, media cases,  gift wrap, greetings cards, scrapbooks and even tableware, storage boxes, wallpaper and bedding. It will also work in a completely different colour way, possibly including a vibrant pink instead of the blue. An earlier version of this design included both blue and vibrant pink as a contrast, but I love this variation because it’s limited colour scheme makes it more elegant and sophisticated . It reminds me of the elegance of Wedgewood or the current botanicals range from Gisela Graham. Gisela Graham’s range works in a range of colours including lime green, pink and blue.

I’m also currently working on a large keepsake album design which includes matching printed papers, gorgeous alphabet and floral stickers, frames and printed insert sheets. I’m hoping to produce this as a follow-up to my two popular and successful scrapbook albums already available, and in addition to the scrapbook cover mount gift that will be appearing in the next issue of Scrapbook Magazine. It’s already looking really super and I’m really excited about the possibilities of further development.

I’m looking to license this range out on a wide range of products. If you’re interested in any licensing opportunities please contact me using the form on the “about” page. I’d love to hear from you.

Blue Sonata Notebook Samples

Blue Sonata Greetings Cards

Blue Sonata Mugs

Showing two variations on the colour scheme.

Blue Sonata Gift Wrap

Showing two variations on the colour scheme.


Blue Sonata Magazine Submission

Showing a range of co-ordinating prints.

If you like this design and would like to see it produced on a product range, please feel free to share a link to this blog post or tweet about it on your social networks and spread the word. Support independent designers in their endeavours to retain control of their own trademark, individual designs in this age of mass consumerism, mass production, big brand domination and chain store monopolies. Join my Facebook Fan Page or follow me on Twitter.


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