ABSPD Featured Designers

So far, during the first two modules of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design it’s been a fabulous journey and I’ve been very fortunate to (virtually) meet an incredible bunch of talented, industrious and encouraging surface pattern designers all launching their own individual design styles into the world.

One of  these amazing and talented ladies is the wonderful Jennie Whitham of JLW illustration, and over the past week she’s been featuring a designer a day over on her blog. We’ve all answered a few questions about our style and background and Jennie is showcasing them all. So I’ve been able to find out a little more about some of my fellow students along the way, and tomorrow it will be my turn.

So pop over to JLW Illustrations blog to find out a bit more about Jennie, see her wonderful, colourful and quirky designs, find out about some of my fellow surface pattern design classmates and finally read a little bit more about me.

Thanks Jennie for taking the time to feature me and to all my fellow students for their motivation and support. I can see that this amazing course will be introducing many new and talented designers into the professional design world, and I’m very proud to have shared and been a part of their journey.

Here’s a sample of one of my favourite designs from Jennie’s strong portfolio of bright, funky and fun designs. Her work is quirky and colourful and ideally suited for a wide range of product applications, and particularly fun for children’s wear, stationery and interiors.


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