Sarah Paris Fabrics on Woven Monkey

I’ve been doing a bit of sewing recently and trying to revive some of my old hand-making skills which I haven’t used for quite a few years. I thought it would be a nice idea to make some items in my own custom printed fabrics. I’ve made a couple of cosmetic bags and I’m now making a handbag and I’m quite impressed with the results. During one of the handbag-making workshops recently where I was using my own cat design fabric printed by Woven Monkey the other ladies were loving my fabric and they asked if it was for sale! The good news is that now – it is! I’ve just opened a shop on Woven Monkey. I’ve only just started and there are many other designs to add, but take a look. My first Cool Cats Patchwork fabric is now on sale in cotton, cotton poplin and cotton sateen. Perfect for making clothing, quilts and bags. The cosmetic bag sample here is made using the cotton sateen, made firmer with the addition of a medium weight iron-on interfacing. I’m planning to add some co-ordinating fabrics, polka dots, flower prints and other cat designs to this range, so bear with me and keep checking back as they will be added as soon as I can. I’ll be showing the vintage style handbag that I’m making as soon as it’s finished, but that won’t be for a few weeks. I’m really excited to see what it comes out like.

You can use this fabric to make hand-made items to sell, but be sure to share with anyone who asks where you purchased the fabric.

Sarah Paris on Woven Monkey

Here’s the sample cosmetic bag I’ve just finished, it’s lined with a peach/white polka dot print fabric that I purchased, but I’ll be adding some of my own co-ordinated fabrics soon. It also has a little shrink plastic cat tag to co-ordinate with the fabric print and I’m planning on getting some matching cosmetic mirrors which should be awesome!



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